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  • Louise Hoskin

CBS Expands into NSW

At CBS Building Surveyors we have provided expert service across the ACT for over 20 years, and now are proud to announce that we are able to share our expertise across New South Wales.


Growth in the regions surrounding the ACT has led to an increase in demand for reliable, professional advice and building certification. CBS were previously unable to provide certification in NSW, however we have undertaken the necessary steps to enables us to now provide quality and professional building services in NSW.


Operating within a new regulatory framework has its challenges, however our extensive experience and understanding equips us to navigate these challenges. Our team has been upskilling and undertaking professional development to ensure that we are able to offer the best possible service to our clients including timely assessments and inspections.


CBS will continue to offer expertise across the ACT and to also manage the increased workload of taking on New South Wales projects. The CBS team has grown over the past six months. We are now a team of 20, with a diverse range of skills and experience.


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