Certification Fees

The fees charged by Certified Building Solutions vary depending on the type and complexity of the building work.  


Residential and Simple Commercial Buildings

We charge a flat fee that covers all services provided by CBS relating to your project including processing of building approvals, verification of DA exemption for single residential building projects, liaison with relevant government agencies, inspections and document preparation.  

Large Commercial Buildings

The fee calculated is based on a percentage of the value of the building work, and will vary depending on its complexity.   As well as the standard certification services provided by CBS, the fee covers the inspections we undertake that are additional to those mandated by Building Act 2004 and any additional investigations required to ensure your building project complies with relevant legislation, regulations and standards.

Please contact us for further information about fees for your project or a full written quote.

Unit Titling Fees

The fees charged for unit titling vary depending on the number of units within the building complex.  The fee covers the cost of the required site and landscaping inspections, as well as the preparation of the Unit Title Assessment Report for submission to ACTPLA

Consultancy Fees

CBS can provide building surveying consultancy services, for example building compliance reports.   Fees charged for this are on the basis of an hourly rate.   Please contact us for information about our fee rate for consultancy services.

Government Fees

There are a number of ACT Government fees that you must pay in order to get a building approved.   These include the Development Application fee, building levy and, depending on the value of the work, a training levy and ACT Workcover workplace safety fee. Click here for further information about government fees.

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